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Here at The Yard Sale Place, we wanted to let you know that we will be closing at 4pm on Christmas Eve to be with our families and will be closed on Christmas Day in observance of the holiday. We will have the same hours for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! But, we wanted you all to know that we will be here and open all the other regular days of the month! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! We love all of you and appreciate your business!

New Hours Go LIVE!

So we want everyone to know that the new hours are in effect!

Come and see us now any day during the week except Sunday!

We will be in Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-6pm! New hours, new look…come spend the afternoon with us. :D We sure appreciate you and love each one of you.

God Bless You.

Trying something new here!

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Okay, folks!

Here is the deal…

Beginning November 4th, 2013 we will be open to the public Monday through Saturday. That’s right! We will be here from 9a-6p M-F and 10a-5p on Saturday. So we invite you to come down and join us here for all the good deals and fun. This won’t work without you!

We will still have the sales and the colors, for sure. We will work all week long to bring goodies out to fill the floor so it could be totally different in here from day to day! Cool, right??

This is something we are very excited about and hope you are too! :D

Don’t forget! This begins November 4th! That is next week!

We Have New Hours! Please Take Note!

good Capt Bargain

We have decided to only be open on Fridays until 6pm now. It seems you all go home for dinner at 6! We miss your faces when you aren’t here, so we figured we should be home with our families instead.

Our hours will be this:

M-Th: 8am-4pm we are here if you found a certain item on Craigslist you would like to purchase. You might call first because sometimes we get in a little earlier than that.

F: 9a-6p we are open to the public. The warehouse is stocked up and ready for you!

Sa: 10a-5p this is our second day to be open to the public out of the week so come see what’s new!

We love seeing you all each week and hope this doesn’t inconvenience you too much. And you can search us on Craigslist by using our phone number 2084613306 in the search bar. All of our postings for the last three weeks that are still active will come up. :D

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Wishing you all a happy fourth of July!

good Capt Bargain

We often take for granted the freedoms we do have. When we examine history, we find that our lives are different from those of yesteryear yet we are all still people. We aren’t defending our homes with swords and muskets any longer, but we defend our homes against peer pressures and the evil that can infiltrate our family within. We have a sense of values and moral obligations to uphold our beliefs.

On this Fourth of July, please think about those people who do defend us, have defended us and will defend us against those who wish to oppress and take away our rights as people. Our own Dan Estes served our country and we are blessed to have him in our lives. Sometimes it is hard to fathom the sacrifice families make each day when they miss that loved one who is overseas or even across town at rest forever. Many of us have felt that sting and pride swells up as we really think about what they are doing for the people whether they support the military or not. They give selflessly to make sure every  last one of us is safe on our own shores.

Please remember these heroes in your prayers and be very grateful for the life you have…no matter how rough. We love you all! Happy Independence Day!

Rags to Riches: Part 1

So I am desperately getting my parts and pieces together to be ready for the big redesign.

So what is my color palate? What is my style? Where do I begin?


THIS is the style, the look, that I am after. Red, pink, black, white, silver, and gray. Now it won’t be exact by any means. But I am going to show you how to find treasures for little and create the feel you want. Spending little money the how it goes right now, and here at The Yard Sale Place we have so many wonderful items that need new homes.

My first step was to gain my vision. Done.

The next one is to pain my walls. Right now, they are white with a few places to touch up. I am going for a deep slate gray because I am afraid the black will shrink my room and make it appear smaller than it should. A nice gray will still allow for the white furniture to pop away from the wall.

As I am waiting to get my walls done, I will be refinishing furniture and wall hangings that will add to the soft and romantic, yet modern, atmosphere! Stay tuned!






















Coming Your Way!

good Capt Bargain

Beginning really soon, we will be doing a series of posts on Rags to Riches redecorating projects and tips that will change the way you look at many pieces again. It may inspire you to make some changes in your own home or just some fun anecdotes as Daisha completely guts her bedroom and creates her own oasis. Stay tuned for the very beginnings of Rags to Riches!


Come on in to find your own collection of treasures. We post on Craigslist and are open to the general public on Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturday. While most places are the same all time, we have a different look and different items every single week! Time to rescue a piece that speaks to you!

A Parade in the Summer is the BEST!


When summer comes around, I think of a few things that I’ve had to abandon for the winter months…BBQs, fishing, picnics, and parades!

The weather is warming up out there in a hurry and this Saturday, May 18th 2013 is our annual Parade America here in Nampa, Idaho!

Okay, so parades are a lot of fun for everyone…the candy, the floats, the cheering…it all makes for a really fun day with family.

So what if you add a BBQ on top of it? Wouldn’t that make it even better? Well, we heard your call and we are answering! Here at The Yard Sale Place, we will be hosting a hotdog roast with chips and .50 sodas!

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All right, all right…not that kind of hotdog roast!

But seriously, we will have such a great time with you and your family! Besides the BBQ, we will have photos with Captain Barrrgain and a fishing “surprise” booth for the kids!

I can even do you one better…No really, I can!

Come dressed up as a pirate at the parade to show your support of our small business, and you will get a special gift! Come to our BBQ dressed as a pirate and receive 10% off your total purchase! I am not kidding you!

This will be one of the most fun filled days of the summer here in Nampa! Come see us!

The Yard Sale Place

2930 Port St, Nampa ID 83687


Happy Birthday, Melody!

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and in addition to celebrate being a mother, our own first lady, MELODY, is one year older! Oh, ahem…one more year young!

What are our most favorite things about our tribe’s leader over here? Hmmm…

*She as a sense of humor. We can have a great time as a group and laugh all the harder with her humor mixed into the day. :D

*Melody is one of the most compassionate souls you will ever meet! From my heart, she is a great example of love and Christ. This woman has renewed my faith, she has made me feel like a part of her family, and has cared for my family like few others ever have. She holds a deep love for her customers and smiles when she tells us stories about them. (Oh, come on! They are great stories!)

*This woman is our leader, part of a team of bosses that isn’t afraid to break her back in the trenches with the rest of us. I don’t think that in all the years of working anywhere, I have ever had a supervisor work as hard as she does everyday.

*She is the absolute epitome of the self-employed. There is a standard set that reflects her ethics and her expectations of the rest of us…we are able to follow her footsteps as we find our way through the stacks of boxes that wait for us each week! Melody is not one to back down, never sits idle, and thinks about each of us as individuals, not just employees. She knows we all need different thing from her and she delivers.

I could go on and on, but when it comes to dealing with honest and trustworthy people, she is on my list.

We all wish her the happiest of days and here’s to many more days of working with such a great example in work and in life!

Come down to the store to meet her and wish her  happy birthday!


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